The Uk's Road Sweeper Specialists

For Self drive hire 7.5 tonne road sweeper rental, self drive compact road sweeper hire Priority Sweepers has a fleet of Scarab Merlin road sweepers, Scarab Minor road sweepers, Johnston Compact road sweepers, Schmidt Swingo road sweepers and Applied 414 pedestrian sweepers. We also offer quality pre-owned compact and truck mount sweepers. Please contact us on 01664 500073.
Every road sweeper offered by priority sweepers is a fully serviced and ready for work road sweeper. Our engineers cover every aspect of the service from the engine right through to the brush and vacuum systems. We offer a comprehensive range of the most technologically advanced precinct sweepers available today from manufacturers such as Applied Sweepers, Johnston Sweepers, Scarab Sweepers and Schmidt Sweepers covering small pedestrian walk behind sweepers, compact sweepers, precinct sweepers and the large truck mounted road sweepers. Along with our range of used road sweepers we offer a full workshop and repair service to care for your existing machines.

Please feel welcome to browse through our online catalogue and if at anytime you feel you need any advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Road Sweeper Self Drive Rental

We have our own fleet of 7.5 tonne, compact and pedestrian sweepers available for self drive rental. Our fleet includes the Scarab Merlin 7.5 tonne truck mounted road sweepers, Scarab Minor compact sweepers Johnston CX200 compact sweepers, Schmidt Swingo Compact Sweepers, Applied 636HS Sub Compact Sweepers and the small Applied 414 Pedestrian Walk Behind Sweepers.

Applied Sweepers Green Machines

We stock the full range of pedestrian and compact Green Machines from Applied Sweepers from the 400 series comprising of the 414S2D, 414RS pedestrian sweepers, 424TR and 424HS trailered sweepers and the larger 500 series 525HS and 600 series 636HS fully cabbed precinct sweepers.

Johnston Sweepers

We supply fully serviced and ready to work road sweepers from Johnston Sweepers such as the as the Johnston 500, Johnston 600, Johnston VT550, Johnston VT650 and Johnston Compact road sweepers.

Scarab Sweepers

We supply fully serviced and ready to work road sweepers from Scarab Sweepers such as the Scarab Minor, Scarab Merlin and Scarab Magnum road sweepers.

Schmidt Sweepers

We supply fully serviced and ready to work compact road sweepers from Schmidt Sweepers such as the Schmidt Swingo compact road sweepers.

Compact Road Sweepers

Compact road and precinct sweepers from Tennant, Applied Sweepers, Green Machines, Schmidt, and Johnston such as the Applied 525HS, Applied 636HS, Schmidt Swingo and Johnston Compact sweepers.