The Uk's Road Sweeper Specialists

For Operated road sweepers and road sweeper self drive hire road sweeper rental, self drive compact road sweeper hire and self operated pedestrian road sweepers Priority Sweepers has a fleet of Johnston 600 & Johnston VT650, Scarab Merlin road sweepers, Scarab Minor road sweepers, Johnston Compact road sweepers, Schmidt Swingo road sweepers and Applied 414 pedestrian sweepers. Please contact us on 01664 500073.

Operated road sweepers

We run a fleet of Johnston 600 sweepers, Johnston VT650 sweepers and Scarab minor road sweepers for all your road sweeping requirements no matter how big or small. Our road sweepers are idea for construction site sweeping, Highway road sweeping, factories, complexes and small and large industrial areas.

Road Sweeper Self Drive Rental

Our fleet of Truck mount, compact and pedestrian sweepers for self drive rental includes the Johnston 600 and VT650 truck mounted road sweepers, Scarab Merlin 7.5 tonne truck mounted road sweepers, Scarab Minor compact sweepers Johnston CN200 compact sweepers, Schmidt Swingo Compact Sweepers and the small Applied 414 Pedestrian Walk Behind Sweepers.

Johnston 600 & VT650 truck mounted road sweepers

Self drive johnston sweepers are the ideal road sweepers for large construction sites, Industrial areas or highways. Mounted on either a DAF or Iveco truck chassis these sweepers are all equipped with high pressure supawash bars, jet wash reels with lances and can carry a payload of upto 6t depending on chassis.

Scarab Minor compact road sweepers

Think of the 3.5t Scarab Minor compact sweeper as a scaled down truck mounted sweeper. It features a wide sweep belly brush, wire channel brush and 2 front poly brushes so it is ideal on the smaller construction site, where space is limited or when you do not have an HGV driver. The Scarab Minor rental sweepers will deal with mud and gravel on site and also feature high pressure wash bars an a jet wash reel with lance.

Schmidt Swingo & Johnston compact precinct sweepers

Ideal for car parks, schools, leisure and sports complexes or anywhere where access and space is limited. The Schmidt and Johnston compact road sweepers are perfect for lighter waste for example grass cuttings, leaves, dust, light mud and litter. They feature dust suppression water systems to keep dust to a minimum and feature a high tip system so they will happily discharge the waste into skips and trade waste wheely bins.

Applied Sweepers 414 pedestrian sweepers

The walk behind green machines being just over 1m wide are best suited to smaller pedestrian areas such as paths and car parks. They collect waste into a standard black bin line and are at home collecting general litter, leaves and dust.

Road sweepers for sale

If you are looking to buy a quality used road sweeper please get in touch. We have a good source of ex local authority road sweepers from all manufacturers such as Johnston sweepers, Scarab sweepers, Schmidt sweepers and applied sweepers that we can offer to you at all levels from a good used machine right through to a refurbished unit.

Service and parts

As well as running and maintaining our own fleet of road sweepers we offer a full workshop and road sweeper repair service to care for your existing machines.