Operated road sweepers

Priority Plant provides both truck mounted Johnston VT650 and Johnston 600 road sweepers and compact Scarab Minor road sweepers so we can cater for all your road sweeping requirements no matter how big or small. The truck mounted road sweepers are idea for construction site sweeping, Highway road sweeping and large industrial areas and the Compact sweepers are ideal when access is limited or more delicate areas such as pedestrian walkways, schools and small projects.
All of our vehicles are fitted with high powered jetting lances and street wash bars to assist in cleaning mud from the road surface and also to add that finishing touch to a site visit by cleaning the curbs and pavements for pedestrian safety.

Our operated contracting sweepers are available for small 1 hour site visits through to full day sweeping operations across leicestershire, nottinghamshire, the west midlands, warwickshire, lincolnshire and rutland. Please get in touch on 01664500073 and talk to our friendly team.
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Our Range of Sweepers