The 5 most common questions about renting a self drive road sweeper

posted in helpful advice with road sweepers on 27 April 2018

The 5 most common questions about renting a self drive road sweeper

We have put this list together to help you as we feel these are the 5 most common questions that people usually have before renting a road sweeper on a self drive hire basis.

What does the hire fee include?

The weekly/monthly hire fee, as agreed at the start of the contract, covers the use of the sweeper on site, along with site visits for maintenance, as well as breakdowns which are the result of mechanical failure.

Do you charge for site visits?

A call-out fee will only be charged if a site visit is required as the result of a problem caused by misuse, accident or negligence on the part of the customer.

Does the hire fee include training?

Our driver will spend time on site when delivering the sweeper to ensure site operatives know how to use the sweeper. We are happy for your staff to contact us by phone at any time during the hire period if they have queries regarding use of the sweeper.

Who carries out maintenance?

The customer can carry out basic maintenance, on the basis that they use mechanically competent staff. For long-term hires, we aim to send a mechanic to site once every three months to carry out a maintenance check and ensure the sweeper is working correctly. We would, however, expect the operator to carry out daily checks, eg: engine oil, coolant & hydraulic oil levels, tyres etc.

What happens if a sweeper breaks down?

Depending on the cause of a breakdown, we will either send a mechanic to repair the sweeper on site or arrange for the sweeper to be exchanged.

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