What size road sweeper do I need to hire?

posted in helpful advice with road sweepers on 9 April 2018

When it comes to renting in a road sweeper on a self drive basis there are a few options of the sizes of road sweepers that are available for you to hire. Here is our basic break down and reasons to hire certain machines which we hope will give you a bit of an idea of what is best for you and your project.

1, Applied 400 series pedestrian sweeper. This machine is about 500kg in weight and is approximately 1m wide. It is best suited for pavements and pathways clearing litter and light waster for example crisp packets, fast food wrappers and leaves. These Applied sweepers drop the waste into a standard black bin liner where it can be removed and disposed of in a wheelie bin or skip.

2, Schmidt Swingo compact sweeper. This is a 4 Tonne GVW compact road sweeper approximately 4m long and 1.5m wide. The Schmidt is a great machine to work around car parks and pedestrian areas, Ideally suited for large sites where the waste is more dust and litter for example golf courses, schools and industrial premises. It is more than happy to clear up after events, festivals and also for the lighter waste on the construction site but just don't expect it to deal with heavy mud and gravel as that will be a bit too much for this machine.

3, Scarab Minor road sweeper. The minor is a 3.5/4T GVW compact road sweeper. Think of it as a mini HGV truck mounted sweeper that you don't need anyone with an HGV license to drive. The Scarab Minor has 2 front poly brushes like the above 2 sweepers but it also has a full width belly brush underneath like the truck mounted sweepers and also the side mounted wire brush that will rip out all the dirt from the kerb edge. A Scarab Minor is ideal when you don't have an HGV driver available or just when you don't want a 13 Tonne truck mounted road sweeper getting in the way on site. These are also equipped with a jet wash so they can wash down areas (and the sweeper too) after use. A Scarab is more than happy to work on the construction site during muck shifts with heavy mud. It will deal with mud, gravel and pretty much everything a large truck mounted sweeper would do in a compact size.

4, Johnston truck mounted road sweepers. These are the big lorry mounted road sweepers like in the picture attached to this blog. The truck mounted sweeper has a clear advantage on suction (for heavy waste like mud and gravel) and also waste volume (this means you don't have to empty it so often) so it fits in nicely on a large construction site where there is a lot of construction traffic making a mess of the roads for example muck shifts and moving plant (diggers and dumpers etc). Being truck mounted it is also happy to drive at a good speed on the highway should you want to cover multiple sites more than a few miles away from each other. The truck mounted Johnston road sweepers are equipped with supawashes on the front (imagine a bar running the width of the machine with several jet wash nozzles on it blasting the road clean with water) and jet wash lances and reels to wash down areas and also the machines after use.

We hope this answers a few questions but if you still want to know more please fell free to call us for a chat.

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